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Psychology 10th
Chapter # 3 
Influence of Gender Development
How Mucho Do Parents Matter?
The Power of Parents. 
Pages: 90 - 96 


 READING: Tornado Alert
By Franklyn Branley
Vocabulary Words

 182  -  197

Image result for tornado alert story 3rd grade

Find the Characters, Plot, Setting and Conclusions.  Find the Vocabulary Words in the Glossary              Check Agenda for HW

 GRAMMAR:Unit # 4
Writing With Pronouns
Subject and Object Pronouns

164 -  169

Image result for writing with pronouns

Writing Setences                    Do Practice on Pages 167 and 169                         Check Agenda for Homewrok.

 SPELLING: Unit #10
The Sound /K/
This Week´s Words

42 - 46

Image result for the sound of K

Copy Vocabulary Words        Separate them into Syllables                                Spelling Practice on page 43                                             Check Agenda for HW

 PHONICS: The Letters ar, er, ir, or, ur, and air, are, ear, and our

64  -  68
Image result for words with ar, er, ir, or
Read the Paragraph on page 64, Underline 15 words with ar, ir, or                  Do Pages 65 and 66

Check Agenda for HW

 MATH:  Chapter # 3 Lesson # 8
adding 4 Digits and Column Addition

116 - 122
Image result for adding 4 digits 

Do Practice on page 119     Do Section Review on page 122
Check Agenda for HW

 SCIENCE:Lesson 3
Adaptations Help 
Living Things 
adaptation Behavior

 B22  -  B27

Image result for adaptation behavior
Do the Chart on page B27    Read and Write the most important on page B24 - B25   Summary


Check Agenda for HW


The Messiah

Image result for the messiah for coloring
Read the Bible on John 4:16                                       Remember to Print the Picture every single week.

(Recuerde imprimir la figura cada semana)

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