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Resultado de imagen para SEPTEMBER

Psychology 10th
Chapter # 2
Theories of Personality
The Elements of Personality 
Pages: 40 - 47


 READING: Herbie and Annabelle 

By  Suzy Kline

 92 -  105

Resultado de imagen para herbie and annabelle
Copý words to know
Read the story and do the Drama
Use vocabulary words to write a sick friend a get well card. 

Check Agenda for HW

 GRAMMAR: Singular and Plural Nouns
Plural Possessive Nouns
Seplling Prural Nouns

64  / 71
Resultado de imagen para plural and singular nouns

Do practice on page 65
Do the charts on Pages 66, and 67
Work with Flashcards

Check Agenda for HW

 SPELLING: Unit # 5
More Consonant Clusters 
20 - 23 
Resultado de imagen para consonant clusters

Copy this week s Words
Do spelling practice on page 21
Do spelling and Language on page 22 
Check Agenda for HW

 PHONICS: Review Long i, igh, y

Long u- e u 

28 - 35
Resultado de imagen para long u  

Work with Worksheets
Copy List Words
Write the words on flascards do pages 28 -35 

Check Agenda for HW

 MATH: Chapter # 2

Place Value
Trough Hundreds, Thousands

Comparing Numbers

56 - 65
Resultado de imagen para comparing numbers 

Do Skills and reasoning on page 57
Review and Practice on page 62

Check Agenda for HW

 SCIENCE: Lesson # 3
Extinct Animals

Endangered Animals 

 A56 - A61 

Describe what is a fossil
What is the difference between an endangered specie and an extinct specie

Bring the Tablet or cellphone on Wednesday. 

Check Agenda for HW


    R U T H 

 Resultado de imagen para  RUTH FROM THE BIBLE

Read the chapter from the Bible 

Copy Verse 17 - 22
Read and  repeat 

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